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GET OUT! Todds Leap Horror Nights

Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Fri 27th, Sat 28th, Mon 30th

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Can You GET OUT?

At Todds Leap, the veil between the living and the dead has been eerily lifted this Halloween. Shadows lurk, whispers echo, and unearthly spirits are eager to meet you. Will you leave the same way you came in? Only time will tell.

From the bone-chilling twists of our haunted maze to the adrenaline-pumping off-road ghost ride, we’re serving up a unique blend of frightful fun for the brave-hearted. Gather your mates, muster your courage, and embark on an adventure that will haunt your memories.


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Motel Hell

At Motel Hell, vacancy lasts forever. This isn’t your typical roadside lodging. Every room has its story, and not all of them have happy endings. Check-in to experience a heart-stopping journey through dark corridors and sinister surprises. Will you be the next eternal occupant?

Face Your Axeorcism

The power of Todds compels you! Beware of the Axe Thrower in the woods, will he need a special assistant? He might offer to cast away spirits with his mastery skill but he might just cast you away as well. Dodge his axes and watch out for wood cutters!

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Wicked Woods

The foreboding forest is thick with more than just trees. The trees have eyes, and they’re watching. As the moonlight filters through the trees, every rustling leaf or snapping twig could mark the presence of something lurking. Are you brave enough to discover its secrets?

Ghost Rider Off Road Scream-Ride

Navigate the haunting terrain of Tyrone hills in this one-off Halloween off-road driving experience, where spectral figures might just hitch a ride. Their vengeance fuels the journey, and they’re eager for company. Can you escape their grasp?

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Escape the Graveyard of the Evil Dead

Dare to tread where the restless roam? The Graveyard of the Evil Dead is not just a resting place for souls, but a haunting ground for spirits that refuse to sleep. As moonlight pierces through the twisted trees and fog creeps low, you’ll find yourself amidst tombstones that whisper tales of old. But be warned: this is no mere stroll through history. Your mission? Escape with all your limbs intact.

Fun House Haunted Maze

Beware: this maze doesn’t play fair. Our Fun House Haunted Maze promises twists, turns, and terrors galore. Between the eerie laughter and shadowy corners, you’ll find surprises that oscillate between delightful and dastardly. With every wrong turn, you risk being trapped in its twisted world forever.

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Fairground of Horrors

Welcome to the fairground where the carousel never stops. The old-world charm masks an unsettling underbelly where rides creak and groan from the malevolent spirits that possess them. As the music distorts and the lights flicker, ask yourself: is it just a ride malfunction, or something far more sinister?

Visit the Nightmare Sisters at No. 13 Ripper Alley

Tucked away in the shadowy corners of Ripper Alley lies a residence most dread to approach – No. 13. This forsaken abode is home to the enigmatic Nightmare Sisters, keepers of secrets and weavers of dark tales. As legend has it, those who step into their domain are greeted with stories so bone-chilling, they’re etched into memory for eternity. Do you dare to knock on their door?

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Be Warned!

Our realms of horror are not meant for young souls. PG15 is advised. Those who enter, reserve an hour—if you hope to see the other side. Please note tickets are non refundable. 

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Back and Scarier Than Ever: The GET OUT! Escape Room Experience

In the very heart of Co. Tyrone lies an experience that has sent shivers down the spines of even the bravest souls. The famed GET OUT! Escape Room returns, bringing darker corners, colder chills, and mysteries that claw at your sanity. As the stories of its horrors have spread far beyond county lines, many have tried to unravel its enigma. Now, it’s your turn. Can you escape its intensified terror, or will you become a whispered tale of another who couldn’t GET OUT?


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