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What is Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor Learning is a broad term. At Todds Leap, Outdoor Learning includes discovery, experimentation, learning about nature, connecting with nature and engaging in outdoor adventures, activities and sports.

Outdoor Learning can benefit everyone, young and old, from all backgrounds and abilities, as it allows participants to reflect and learn about themselves, each other and our environment.

A positive experience through Outdoor Learning can have many lasting benefits. It can impact academic achievement, help you to learn new skills, improve personal and social development, increase education on caring for the environment, aid professional development and improve health and wellbeing.

At Todds Leap outdoor learning is attainable throughout all of our activities, programmes and adventures, whether led through a formal instructor led session or informally allowing you to experience the natural world and gain a knowledge and understanding or appreciation of nature.

Whether you’re climbing to the top of a Zip Tower (or flying down), finding your way through the woodland and eco trails, pausing to listen to the streams, building your own outdoor den or finding where animals inhabit during winter, you’ll be laughing whilst slipping on rain soaked muddy pathways.

Want more information?

All of our outdoor learning experiences are available at the Todds Leap Activity Centre.

6 Key Learning Outcomes at Todds Leap

 Activity Skills     Enjoyment     Environmental Awareness   Health & Wellbeing    Relationship Development   Self Development

Learning Outcomes and Associated Activities

Activity Skills

Demonstrate a new skill or competence

For many, a trip to Todds Leap is an opportunity to try something new and learn a new skill. Our skills-based activities include Archery, Climbing, Driving, Problem Solving and Shooting.


Enjoy participation in outdoor learning activities and be motivated to achieve your best.

All Todds Leap activities offer a fun shared experience for all.

Environmental Awareness

Develop an understanding and appreciation of nature and the environment.

Through Den Building, Orienteering (Eco Trail), Mud Kitchens, Outdoor Team Games and Woodland Trails you can widen your knowledge of environmental issues.

Health and Wellbeing

Develop an appreciation of the benefits of physical health and emotional well-being

All our programmes take place outdoors which can improve wellbeing. Activities such as our Climbing Wall, Last One standing, Tayto Big Yella’ Slide,  Team Games, Total Wipeout and our Trails increase fitness and promote physical activity.

Relationship Development

Work constructively as a team member & communicate effectively with others.

All of our activities involve an element of teamwork, however some are deliberately aimed at developing teamwork & communication. Our Blindfold driving, Orienteering (Eco Trail), Splatmaster, Team Games & Problem Solving all improve team work.


Confidence, Leadership, Resilience & Motivation 

Our instructors work with individuals and encourage them to participate in challenging and daring activities. Overcoming a fear of heights to climb on our zipline can help  build confidence. Our Climbing Wall, Den Building, Last One Standing, Giant Swing, Tayto Big Yella, Team Games and Zip line all impart self-development.

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